Dec. 7, Manchester: Speak out for Palestinian prisoners – end British support for Israel

piccadillySaturday, December 7
12:00 noon
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Join us on the streets of Manchester to demand the release of Palestinian political prisoners, held captive by a racist, apartheid state. Bring pictures, flags, kuffiehs and voices! We will have an open mic for all who want to speak out.

Israel holds over 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, including around 200 children. More than a third of males from the West Bank have been incarcerated at some point in their lives, as Israel invades, shoots and snatches anyone they think may be a ‘resistance activist.’ The prisoners and their communities frequently protest against their treatment, which has included physical and psychological. They are political prisoners who should be released. As hunger striker Samer Issawi writes from jail,

‘Israel could not continue its oppression without the support of western governments. These governments, particularly the British, which has a historic responsibility for the tragedy of my people, should impose sanctions on the Israeli regime until it ends the occupation, recognises Palestinian rights, and frees all Palestinian political prisoners.’

During 24 hours in October, Israeli forces bombed targets in Syria and Gaza, with no condemnation from Britain. Palestinian suffering increases as apartheid Israel launches murderous invasions into the West Bank and strangles Gaza. As it talks about ‘peace’, Israel builds thousands of settlement blocks in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. A movement in Britain to isolate Israel would put more pressure on the apartheid state and aid the struggle for a free and independent Palestine.