Khader Adnan detained during Palestinian Authority political arrest raid

khaderadnanOn November 27, Palestinian Authority security services detained former prisoner and hunger striking hero Khader Adnan, as he defended his cousin Farouk Moussa from political arrest from PA security forces in Arraba.

Khader Adnan was later released, but Farouk Moussa remains detained. The political detention of Palestinian activists is part of the practice of security coordination between PA security forces and the Israeli occupation forces, which has frequently led to arrests and detention of Palestinian resistance activists or people pinpointed by Israel or the PA by Palestinian Authority forces.

Khader Adnan engaged in a historic hunger strike in 2012 in protest of his administrative detention without charge or trial. His 66-day strike secured an agreement for his release and played a major role in sparking a series of hunger strikes that has followed in the year and a half since Adnan’s strike.