Urgent Action: Demand release and proper medical care for ill Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian-prisoners-in-the-Israeli-Ayalon-prisonHundreds of Palestinian political prisoners are suffering from serious illness and disease inside Israeli prisons. The most severely ill patients are held at Ramle prison hospital, where ill-treatment and medical neglect are so common that Palestinian prisoners refer colloquially to it as “the slaughterhouse.” Medical neglect and the use of painkillers instead of adequate medical treatment is repeatedly reported as a policy inside Israeli prisons. Click here to take action to demand the release and proper medical treatment of ill Palestinian prisoners.

On November 4, Palestinian political prisoner Hassan al-Turabi died in Afula hospital of leukemia. Maysara Abuhamdieh died in April of cancer. Both did not receive sufficient medical treatment in Israeli prisons prior to his death. Turabi was arrested earlier in the year despite Israeli forces’ knowledge of his advanced leukemia, while Abuhamdieh was denied treatment for nearly a year and provided only painkillers despite his throat cancer.

Some of the most urgent cases of seriously ill prisoners currently held in Israeli prisons include: Mansour Mowqada, who has cancerous tumors, a “plastic stomach” and uses colostomy bags; Nahed al-Aqra, who has had four parts of his leg amputated; Moatassem Raddad, whose bowel cancer has spread throughout his body; Salem Kassab, who lost sight in his left eye in October after prison doctors refused to perform surgery on him; Suleiman Abu Ruwais, who was denied treatment for an ulcer for four years; Ismail Abu Alafa, who is not receiving proper treatment since having portions of his stomach removed; Murad Abu Muliq, who has lost nearly 20 pounds due to intestinal disease; and Omar Abu Saada, who has tumors in his throat.

Approximately 25 Palestinian political prisoners have been diagnosed with cancer. Palestinian imprisoned leader Ahmad Sa’adat called on November 10 for urgent international action to support the sick prisoners, saying the situation “requires urgent action at all levels to prevent the occupation from executing prisoners through the slow death of patients, with a policy of punishment and a program of revenge.”. Prisoners in Nafha prison have announced they plan to launch protests in solidarity with the sick prisoners.

Click here to send a message and demand:

  • Immediate release of the sick prisoners

Until their release, these immediate actions are needed:

  • Immediate independent examination by Palestinian doctors, and outside doctors being allowed into the prisons to examine them
  • Provision of proper medical treatment and medication under independent Palestinian medical supervision to all sick prisoners
  • End to the policy of denying family visits to Palestinian political prisoners