Badr brothers end hunger strike after being charged for military trial

Mohammed Badr, 25 and Islam Badr, 20, two Palestinian men held in Israeli occupation prisons, ended a 38-day hunger strike on December 22, 2013 after they were removed from administrative detention and transferred for trial.

Ma’an News reported that their families reported that they would now face charges in Israeli military courts. The brothers were arrested on October 28 by undercover Israeli military forces in Beit Liqya village.

Mohammed and Islam Badr launched a hunger strike in mid-November in protest against their administrative detention without charge, but ended the strike after the agreement was reached.

Their family told Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights that the administrative detention against the two brothers had been concluded as a part of the deal.

Administrative detention refers to the tactic of keeping a prisoner without charge or trial for extended periods of time.

Also on hunger strike with the Badr brothers is Thaer Abdu. Reports indicate that he is continuing his strike.