Palestinian prisoners with illnesses continue to suffer in occupation jails

thaer-halahlehPalestinian political prisoners with severe illnesses continue to suffer in occupation prisons, Palestinian lawyer Hanan al-Khatib reported.

Salahedin Ahmed al-Titi, of Arroub refugee camp, has been detained since 2013, held in Ramle hospital. He fell unconscious during Khatib’s visit and was taken to the clinic for urgent tests. He has suffered since birth with major stomach and intestinal issues for which he has undergone 10 surgical procedures. He continues to suffer from kidney and bladder problems.

Khatib reported that Titi has not received medication for his high blood pressure, he suffers from impaired vision and has difficulty standing.

She also reported that Thaer Halahleh, former long-term hunger striker who was re-arrested following his release, continues to suffer from poor health. Halahleh contracted Hepatitis C during a dental procedure at Ashkelon prison during his previous imprisonment.

Halahleh fell on multiple occasions on December 28 when he was transferred to Soroka hospital from the prison; he continues to have chronic fatigue as well as severe pain in his abdomen, back and kidneys. Halahleh is demanding that he be allowed to bring in a private doctor for his treatment. He is receiving critical treatment only and refusing painkillers.

The family of Mansour Moqtada renewed the call for his release. Moqtada uses a wheelchair and has an external artificial stomach and intestines following multiple surgeries. He was shot by Israeli occupation military forces during his arrest and continues to suffer from severe health consequences of that injury. He continues to be denied release by the Israeli military courts, despite spending nearly twelve years in prison and his serious physical injuries.