Medical neglect: Former prisoner Ashraf Abu Tharee’ died after years of medical neglect


On the first anniversary of the passing of Ashraf Abu Tharee’, another critical story of the impacts of medical neglect on seriously ill Palestinian political prisoners in occupation prisons:

On Jan 22nd 2013, the former prisoner Ashraf Abu Tharee’ (27 years old), passed away after entering a coma and being hospitalized at the Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem.

His death was a cause of deliberate medical neglect by the occupation’s prison administration against the Palestinian prisoners. Ashraf spent more than six years in captivity in his wheelchair at the hospital of the Ramle prison following his arrest. He was released on Nov 15, 2012 after he had suffered medical negligence for years which lead to the deterioration of his health.

It only took two months after his release for his body to finally give in to death.

The occupation prisons are full of prisoners who are victims of medical negligence and suffer major threats to their lives. Currently, more than 1400 prisoners are suffering the lack of basic medical care, 75 of them with severe illnesses.