Administrative detainees plan to boycott military courts through March 2014

The Higher Committee of Administrative Detainees announced a statement on Sunday, January 19, stating that administrative detainees will boycott the military courts until the end of March, 2014.

The statement, addressing supporters of the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, said that administrative detainees had been engaging in various protests since October 25, 2013, including boycotting the military courts, one-day hunger strikes, and other actions. Various negotiations have been held between the prisoners, lawyers, and the Israeli Prison Services.

Administrative detainees are held without charge or trial, for indefinitely renewable terms of up to six months. They are demanding an end to the process of detention without charge or trial.

The statement announced that they hope to receive concessions from the prison administration and the occupation security forces prior to the end of March 2014; they stated that if not, administrative detainees plan to engage in a mass hunger strike as well as a medicine strike in April 2014.

e a bit of time to study the crisis and results. Accordingly, the Commission decided the Supreme Administrative prisoner administrators in the prisons of the occupation comments steps not to go to court until the end March 2014 and added: “We hope to reach the desired results in terms of administrative detention Otherwise, the prisoners administrators will go to the mass strike for food and medicine in the month of April next year.