Severely ill Ibrahim Bitar suddenly transferred to Soroka Hospital

ibrahim-bitaPalestinian political prisoneer, Ibrahim Bitar, who is severely ill yet not officially diagnosed, was suddenly transferred on early Sunday morning from Nafha prison to Soroka hospital.

Bitar, 33, is suffering from an undignosed disease of blood and digestion; he has had surgery to remove a tumor and has ben diagnosed with numerous diseases including anemia, Crohn’s disease, rheumatism. He was treated for leukemia but then informed that this was a misdiagnosis.

Ibrahim Bitar's mother at a vigil for his freedom. Photo: Joe Catron
Ibrahim Bitar’s mother at a vigil for his freedom. Photo: Joe Catron

His family has been campaigning for his release and for proper medical treatment, building a campaign and organizing rallies in Gaza, his home, as reported by the Electronic Intifada.

Mamdouh al-Bitar, Ibrahim’s brother, said “The aim is for Ibrahim to be released because of his health condition…The second is for a health committee to have access, to find out his condition and give him the proper medication. Finally, we want the release of all the sick prisoners.”