Early release of Raddad rejected by occupation court

motasemraddadIsraeli military court rejected the early release of Moatassem Raddad of Tulkarem, who is suffering from advanced cancer on March 31, reported the Ahrar Centre for Prisoners Studies. Three court hearings were scheduled as a result of the dramatic deterioration of his health, but all were postponed. Ahed Raddad, Moatassem’s brother, said that the occupation authorities falsified a medical report on his brother’s case.

On Saturday, the Palestinian Prisoners Society released a report on Raddad’s case, saying that he experiences continuous bleeding,joint pains and shortness of breath. He has colon cancer, is undergoing chemotherapy, and has been recommended to receive surgery to remove the majority of his intestines and install an external system to handle his digestion. The Society reported that his health has worsened and that he urgenly needs medical care outside prison.

Prisoners’ Society lawyers met with Raddad on Saturday, and said that he accused the prison system of killing him slowly and that he had recently been kept inside a “Bosta” for three hours after which he experienced abdominal bleeding and needed urgent care.