Mansour Muqada assaulted during prison transport by security forces

Mansour Mowqada
Mansour Mowqadasou

Mansour Muqada, one of the most seriously ill Palestinian political prisoners, was assaulted by security forces while being transported by “Bosta” under the pretext of being needed for interrogation, reported the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies.

Muqada, 46, from Salfit, uses a wheelchair, has paralysis on one side of his body, and has a “plastic stomach,” requiring colostomy bags for excretion as parts of his intestines have been removed. He also has a tumor in his neck of unknown origin and his health has deteriorated significantly in the past few months.

The prison authorities have delayed in providing him with medical treatment and testing, despite commitments to conduct tests several months ago.

He was taken for interrogations several nights ago, reported the Center, where he was not spared from the repressive practices of the occupation. Because of his paralysis, he cannot enter the Bosta himself, and when he could not do so, the guards threw him deliberately on to the metal floor of the Bosta, kept him there through the trip for 10 hours and refused to provide him with water.

Muqada was captured by occupation forces in 2002, and shot by them in the abdomen and back, causing his injuries. He is serving a life sentence.