Urgent call from administrative detainees on hunger strike: Our will as we await martyrdom

The following statement was released on June 11 from Palestinian administrative detainees on hunger strike for 48 days inside occupation prisons. It was read in a press conference in Gaza by former Palestinian prisoner Allam al-Kaabi, and will be read on June 12 in Beirut by Anwar Yassin, former Lebanese prisoner in occupation prisons during the occupation of Lebanon.

A message from the Administrative Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Urgent Appeal

prisonerspost(Despite the oppression and bars and prison walls…we will struggle until death to defend our homeland)

After leaving the cells that no longer hold our pain, our diseases and our corroded bodies…taken to hospital beds held with chains, and guard dogs…Among the jailers who monitor our pulse ready to announce the news of our death…from the brink of death we draw our call, which may be the last for some of us…perhaps it is time to have a declaration by the victors, of the martyrs of our people, our dignity…our call…our voice…our heartbeats…our will and testament, we, the administrative detainees, our voice for eternity..marching to hold the sun of dignity as an end to the battle of dignity..we raise our voice to reach our people:

First, we call upon you to intensify your support to the prisoners who are not yet martyred; the soldiers who are confronting with their bodies with the fascist enemy deserve a faithful stand that will end the shedding of our blood which will not end until the achievement of our just demands.

Second, despite the pain of hunger, which has destroyed some of the parts of our bodies, but the reast of our bodies remain vital despite the death that awaits us, and in a continuation of sacrificies that will not end with death, we donate our useful organs for all those in need, the strugglers, the poor and the oppressed, and we are waiting to visit the Red Cross to sign off on these donations.

Third, we call upon you to be faithful to our blood and the blood of the martyrs who have fallen before, faithful not by passing words but by revolutionary actions that do not know hesitation or weakness;

Fourth, we adhere to our historical rights, our rights to the soil of Palestine from the river to the sea; our rights are just and historical and the right of return is the historical and necessary bridge to our rights, and these rights cannot be recovered without the language of force as our enemy does not understand any other;

Fifth, do not fail the living prisoners who we are leaving behind. Those who have sacrificed their freedom for the freedom of their people deserve freedom and not death

Our great people, in the homeland and in diaspora, free people of the world and strugglers will hear our cry, despite the darkness of the graves of death, we pledge to the world that our people remain committed and we bid you farewell and victory, smiling…martyrs, until further notice.

Prisoners on hunger strike since 48 days