Mass arrests continue as occupation kills 34 in Gaza

raidsOccupation forces continued their arrest raids late Tuesday, July 8 and early morning Wednesday, July 9, rounding up over 38 Palestinians in the West Bank and occupied Palestine ’48. 936 Palestinians from all areas of Palestine have been targeted in these raids. These raids continue as occupation military forces have killed 34 Palestinians and wounded hundreds in airstrikes across Gaza.

These arrests focused specifically on targeting former prisoners and cadres of Hamas movement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front dor the Liberation of Palestine.

Those abducted by occupation forces include noted Hamas leaders Dr. Ghassan Thuqan, a lecturer at An-Najah University who had previously spent years in administrative detention; Nazih Abu Aoun, who spent over 16 years in occupation prisons, and Wael Hashash, among those arrested in Nablus. In Nablus, occupation forces arrested Walid Hamdan and Maher Abdel Rahim, activists with the PFLP. Occupation forces also invaded Kobar in Ramallah district, arresting the freed prisoners Ibrahim al-Abed and Rashid Dweikat, as well as Saher and Omar Sabah from Bethelehem area.

Simultaneously, occupation courts continued the imprisonment of those rounded up in these mass arrest raids: the detention of 29 Palestinians from Jerusalem was extended by the Magistrate’s Court was extended on Wednesday following the extention of detention for 88 Palestinians from the West Bank on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, occupation authorities issued 31 new administrative detention orders, for imprisonment without charge or trial, against Palestinians seized in mass arrest raids since June 12. 218 administrative detention orders, based on secret evidence and with no charges, have been issued since the launch of the occupation;s arrest campaign.