Mona Qa’adan denied family visits for two years

mona-kaadanIMEMC published the following story on August 19:

The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) has reported that a Palestinian woman, kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel since 2012, has never been allowed any family visits, especially since Israel labels her entire family as a “security threat”.

The PPS said Mona Qa’dan, held at the HaSharon Israeli Prison has not even been able to talk with her family members who only saw her for a few minutes during court proceedings.

“Her suffering is ongoing, her detention was extended sixteen consecutive times since her arrest on November 23, 2012”, the PPS added, “She is still imprisoned without formal court deliberations, and the family cannot visit with her, or talk to her for even for a minute”.

Qa’dan also suffers various health issues, including in her gallbladder, stomach and high blood pressure.

Her arrest and imprisonment is the third as she was previously arrested, and imprisoned, but this time is the longest she spent in detention.

Her mom and dad died; she has four sisters and three brothers, one of them is also imprisoned.

She is engaged to detainee Ibrahim Eghbariyya who is serving 3 life-terms and an additional ten years.

Her first arrest was on August 2 2007, she was released on June 20 2008, then she was kidnapped again on May 31 2011, and was released on November 18 2011, then she was kidnapped on November 12, 2012.

The last time she was released was part of the Shalit prisoner swap deal that secured the release of Israeli corporal Gilad Shalit in exchange for the release of more than a thousand Palestinian political prisoners.