PFLP leaders and members arrested by occupation forces in Nablus, Ramallah and Jenin

Occupation forces detained 12 leaders from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine overnight Monday August 25, and early Tuesday August 26, Ma’an News reported

Ahmad al-Haj Muhammad Abu al-Nimr and Zahi Khatatba were detained in the Nablus town of Furik, while Kamal Ibrahim Abu Tharifa, Dr. Yousef Abdulhaq Abu Shaddad and Musa Salameh were arrested in Nablus.

Amjad Hamayel, 37, was arrested from his house in Beta during a raid.

In Jenin, Israeli forces detained Fadaa al-Zugheibi, Muhammad al-Zugheibi, Abdullah al-Afif, Alam Sami Masad and Jaafar Abu Salah.

Mustafa Orabi Nakhla, or Abu Wadee, was detained from al-Jalazun refugee camp in northern Ramallah.

The arrests of PFLP political leaders come a week after Khalida Jarrar, a leader in the Front and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, was issued an order by an Israeli occupation military court to be expelled from Ramallah to Jericho.

Khalida Jarrar told Ma’an that dozens of soldiers raided her house in Ramallah last week and delivered a deportation order “by an Israeli military court” to Jericho for an unspecified period of time.

She said the order was in Hebrew and that she refused to sign it when soldiers told her to, and that she was also provided a map for her movement inside Jericho. Jarrar added that the raid was a form of house arrest and that she was given 24 hours to move out of Ramallah to Jericho.

She refused to implement the order and has set up a tent in Ramallah outside the Palestinian Legislative Council where she vows to remain until the order is overturned.

It should be noted that August 27 is the 13th anniversary of the Israeli assassination of the PFLP’s General Secretary, Abu Ali Mustafa, in his Ramallah office building, with a helicopter-fired US-made missile, in 2001. Events in commemoration of Abu Ali Mustafa’s life are scheduled to be held throughout Palestine and internationally around August 27. Palestinian political organizations report that anniversaries and key dates in history are often marked by occupation arrests immediately prior, in order to disrupt planned actions, events, and confrontation of the occupation on those dates.

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