PLC member Ahmad Zarir arrested by occupation forces

ahmad-zarirIsraeli occupation forces arrested Ahmed Musa Zarir, 52, on Friday, August 22. Zarir is an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. His home in Samu, near al-Khalil, was raided by a large number of Israeli soldiers who ransacked the home before taking Zarir.

Zarir is the latest member of the Palestinian Legislative Council to be arrested by occupation forces; there were already 36 imprisoned PLC members, 27 of them arrested in June and July of this year, and most of them held in administrative detention without charge or trial. Three PLC members and a minister from Jerusalem were stripped of their Jerusalem ID’s, deported to Ramallah, and then arrested.

PLC Member Khalida Jarrar‘s home was raided on August 20 and she was ordered forcibly displaced to Jericho; she has refused the order and is currently living and working from a protest tent in Ramallah.

Take action: Sign on to the actions in the Khalida Jarrar solidarity campaign, which highlight the repression aimed at PLC members.