September 5, London: Protest in solidarity with Khalida Jarrar and Child Prisoners

The following event is organized by Inminds:

Date: Friday 5th Sept 2014, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: G4S HQ, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT (Closest public transport: Victoria Tube/Rail station)
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In ongoing attacks on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons which last month saw 16 violent raids using tear gas and attack dogs on defenseless captives, last week heavily armed thugs from the occupation forces special units stormed
childrens prisoners wing at the G4S secured HaSharon prison. 5 of the children’s rooms were ransacked, and the children were handcuffed and strip searched by heavily armed forces.

37 children are caged at HaSharon in very difficult conditions. They are regularly denied visits from their family.

The food is of very poor condition and the quantity often not enough for all the children, and this has been made worse with recent cuts in food rations. Children have not seen many fruits and vegetables since their arrest.

Children are also facing severe delays in receiving basic medical care, and children education is being unnecessarily disrupted with bans on simple items like calculators for maths. The children are barred from learning any subject other than arabic & maths.

The 37 child prisoners at HaSharon are mostly from Jerusalem and include former hunger striker 15 years old Ubaida Assad whom we have campaigned for before.

Join us this friday outside G4S HQ as we demand an end to all such punitive attacks and the immediate and unconditional release of the children.


Member of  the Palestinian Parliament, Khalida Jarrar  has dedicated her life to defending political prisoners in occupation dungeons. She chairs the Prisoners’ Committee of the Parliament and is former executive director of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association and a member of its board.

On 20th August around 50 Israeli sodiers invaded Ramallah and surrounded Jarrar’s home to deliver an military expulsion order expelling her from her home in Ramallah to Jericho effective within 24h. 

Jarrar refused to sign the expulsion order, saying “you, the occupation, are killing our Palestinian people. You practice mass arrests, demolish homes, kidnap people from their homes and deport them. It is you who must leave our home.” 

The expulsion order violates the Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits such forced transfers.

Khalida Jarrar has now moved in to a “protest tent” outside the Palestinian parliament building in Ramallah. She announced that she is going to stay and continue her work from there until the decision is revoked.

Khalida Jarrar has already been banned from traveling abroad in an attempt to prevent her from informing the people of the world of the struggles of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, now the occupation is attempting to do the same within Palestine, wishing to expell her from the administrative capital of the West Bank Ramallah to curb her activism. This expulsion order is clearly another attack of Palestinian prisoners and their defenders. 

We in international solidarity must stand with Khalida and repel this attack. 

Please join us protest in solidarity with Khalida Jarrar this friday outside G4S HQ at 3pm.

For information on other ways to help, please visit the Khalida Jarrar Solidarity Campaign 

Child Prisoners & Women Prisoners – The Hares Boys, Lena Jarboni & Shireen Issawi 

We will of course be continuing our campaigns for the Hares Boys – 5 Palestinian boys tortured at the notorious G4S secured Israeli children’s dungeon at Al Jalame and then caged at Israel’s G4S secured Megiddo prison,  and are facing 25 years for a crime that didn’t even take place. And we will continue our campaign for women prisoners, in particular Shireen Issawi and Lena Jarboni who has endured 11 years locked up and abused in Israel’s G4S secured HaSharon prison.


We will, inshAllah, be tweeting live from the protest with live photos being uploaded to our twitter and facebook page. So if you can’t join us on the day, please help us by sharing the photos as they get uploaded.

If you support this activity please share this alert widely, thank you.


Abbas Ali

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