Jarrar protest tent hub of organizing and activism in Ramallah, Palestine

debate9 - CopyThe protest tent organized by PLC member and political leader Khalida Jarrar outside the Palestinian Legislative Council building in Ramallah has just ended its second week of events and organizing. It has hosted a European delegation and numerous solidarity activists, as well as a number of forums, events and political activities, turning the tent of resistance to expulsion into a political events center in Ramallah.

Most recently, on September 4, the tent hosted a public debate organized by the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, on whether the performance of the resistance in Gaza has fundamentally diminished the Oslo Accords to irrelevance. Palestinian scholar, academic and former administrative detainee Dr. Ahmed Qatamesh argued that it has, while Dr. Nabil Amro of the PLO Central Council argued that it had not; the debate was moderated by Lisa Taraki, Omar Barghouti and Abdelraheem Al-Sheikh.

Khalida Jarrar is continuing to resist the expulsion order against her on August 20 by Israeli occupation forces; she has been based in the protest tent since the order by a military court was presented to her by a force of approximately 50 occupation soldiers raiding her home in Ramallah.

Over 2,000 organizations and individuals have signed on to demand the immediate cancellation of the expulsion order – including Members of European Parliament Mike Carthy and Marie-Christine Vergiat – and thousands more have sent letters demanding the same.

Take action and learn more: Visit samidoun.ca/khalidajarrar for all updates and news on the Campaign in Solidarity with Khalida Jarrar, and action items you can take.