November 4, San Jose: Justice for Rasmea Odeh

Join the South Bay Committee Against Political Repression in protes against attempted railroading of respected Palestinian-America activist Rasmea Odeh

WHERE: MLK Library, 150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 9511

WHEN: Tuesday, November 4th, 5-6 pm

rasmeeeeaWHY: On October 22nd, 2013, Rasmea was arrested by the Department of Homeland Security and charged with Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization, for allegedly failing to disclose that she had been imprisoned by the Israelis in Palestine over 45 years ago. The wrongful conviction in Palestine was the result of vicious physical and sexual torture by the Israelis, so Rasmea is fighting this Israeli charge in a Detroit courtroom.

Judge Gershwin Drain handed down a series of outrageous and unjust decisions on Oct 27th and 28th. Judge Drain agreed that Rasmea’s assertion that she faced torture and sexual abuse at the hands of her Israeli captors is “credible,” but then contradicted himself and ruled it cannot be brought up in the course of her trial—even though this was at the heart of her defense. Her attorneys had planned to call an expert witness to the stand, but now will not be allowed to. Clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Fabri, who has decades of experience working with torture survivors, would have testified that an error Rasmea allegedly made in filling out immigration forms (the basis for the charge against her) was the result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Instead, Judge Drain will allow the prosecution to use documents provided by the Israelis as evidence in the case, even though these documents are the products of Israeli military courts and a “legal” system that routinely uses torture. He has even gone so far as to rule that when Rasmea testifies, she can only address issues that the prosecution agrees to allow.

No fair minded person can accept any of this. There was nothing fair about her being indicted on trumped up immigration charges in the first place. The recent rulings by Judge Drain indicate that there will be nothing fair about Rasmea’s trial either. Determined and collective action by those of us who yearn for justice, and civil and human rights, is imperative.

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