Bushra al-Tawil, journalist and activist, has former sentence reimposed by military court

Bushra al-Tawil, young Palestinian journalist, prisoners’ rights activist and a former political prisoner released in the Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner exchange in 2011, has had her original sentence re-imposed by an Israeli military court.

The Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights reported that al-Tawil, 20, who was re-arrested on 1 July as part of the massive campaign of re-arrests in the West Bank at her home in Ramallah, had her original sentence reimposed by an Israeli military court on 8 December. The Israeli military claims the authority by military order to re-impose sentences on any freed prisoners that it claims to be a threat to security, under secret evidence.

She had served five months of her total 16 month sentence, which means she will now face 11 more months in Israeli prison. Al-Tawil’s father, Jamal, the former mayor of El-Bireh and a leader in Hamas, is also currently held in administrative detention without charge or trial. Bushra is the spokesperson of the “Aneen Al-Qaid Media” Network, a local news agency specialized in covering news about the Palestinian detainees, and political prisoners.