February 26-March 2, Beirut: International Symposium Against Isolation

ipaiThe 12th International Symposium against Isolation will be held from February 26th – March 2nd, 2015. Discussing The Middle East and The World’s Biggest Problems and our capabilities (what we can do ) in a City at The Center of The Attacks on The People of The Middle East: BEIRUT..



For 12 years now, the International Platform against Isolation is organizing international symposiums in different countries of Europe, in order to bring together movements, solidarity campaign groups, NGO’s, intellectuals and people of all nationalities on the base of struggle against Isolation.

This project was brought to life in the long period of resistance against prison isolation, which had been continued by the political prisoners in Turkey over 7 years in total, defending their human rights with long term hunger strikes (death fasts).

Also hear an amazing song produced by Irish protest singer Pol Mac Adaim, dedicated to the resistance in F-type jails in Turkey:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2QB-7TF8HU

It was very obvious that isolation was not only a policy used behind the prison walls, but also as a means in the world outside to silence system critical voices.

Our symposiums therefore dealt with isolation in a larger context, from the prisons to the struggle of social and political movements, from media censorship to the occupations, blockades and war crimes in many parts of the world.

Our first aim is to create and coordinate the solidarity and unity among the peoples and organizations, to promote the efforts or common actions on international level and to built up thematically groups, as for instance exchange between progressive lawyers, the relatives of prisoners in different countries and also between political prisoners themselves.

We have organized already 11 symposiums, being joined by wonderful people from all continents, building a bridge between intellectuals, artists and political activists for a common goal: Struggle for human dignity, freedom and justice!

Please feel free to contact us , if you are interested to join our next symposium. Further details such as the program will be published soon.

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International Platform against Isolation

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12th International Symposium Against Isolation,

Beirut (Lebanon) February 26 – March 2, 2015   –  UNESCO Palace

Discussing The Middle East and The World’s Biggest Problems and our capabilities (what we can do ) in a City at The Center of The Attacks on The People of The Middle East: BEIRUT

As International Platform against Isolation, after the previous International Symposiums Against Isolation were held in Noordwijk, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, London, Athens, Berlin and Amsterdam, we decided to held the symposiums in a city at the core of the problems.

Hence, 12th International Symposium Against Isolation will be held in the Middle East, at Beirut. Again The Middle East was turned into Blood Bath. A war, which aims at destroying the Arab countries. Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon.. we are witnessing the massacre of the peoples there.

On one occasion you see beasts named ISIS are beheading, setting up slave markets.. On another you see a beast named Israel, that destroys, burn down, and slaughters the people in a country called Palestine, surrounded on all four sides, by stating “we have to ensure the safety of our citizens”.

Palestine, the target of lethal assaults under the isolation. While all these happen, what is the role and responsibility of imperialism, and how much it contributes? How effective are the puppet of imperialism on those?

Primarily the US imperialism and its most loyal ally is The Turkish Government denotes the torture, murder, exploitation, degeneration, and the collaboration.

In this year’s symposium, as in the earlier, we would like to reveal the world’s most pressing problems in all its nakedness. We invite the organizations from all over the world, to introduce those with the resistance groups in the region where the most bloodiest conflicts of classes of the world happen, to stop those attacks and break the isolation they are under, all together.

-In Syria, Iraq and their several neighboring countries, the civilians, ethnic and religious minorities, are under the attack and threat of imperialist mercenary soldiers, exploiters of belief and collaborators. While these attacks continue at one side, on the other side the facts are being censored and distorted by the West, through the imperialist press, to block every kind of solidarity. Argumentative voices are being suppressed and divested.

– The imperialist media propaganda and incitement to war, in the same way, shows itself in the disinformation campaign in Ukraine conflict. There, the fascist, nationalist gangs and oligarch rulers representing the United States and Western Europe, took power. They, along with anti-fascist and democratic forces, exert extreme violence against civilians in the eastern Ukraine.

– Inner we: Lets be the voice of Political Prisoners tried to be cornered.

It is a fact, that the Middle Eeast counts the highest number of political prisoners. An important issue to discuss might be also Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, who is the oldest Lebanese prisoner in Europe, still held illegally in French prison for exactly 30 years.

Lets be the voice of Political prisoners and of the bleeding wounds of isolation prisons: Ill Prisoners…

We must break the isolation carried out against the people under the name and the threat of war. Let’s all unite in an anti-imperialist front.

Because who resists will win, who doesn’t will perish!

Where: Lebanon – Beirut, UNESCO Palace

When: February 26 – March 2, 2015

Organizer: International Platform against Isolation, in cooperation with the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture