Solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
Sunday, 1 February
12:00 PM
French Embassy – Beirut, Lebanon
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On 5 November, 2014, the Paris parole court dismissed Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s application for parole, on the grounds that it was “inadmissible” because he was not subject to an existing deportation order. This once again proved that the imprisonment of Abdallah, now in his 31st year of detention, is a political decision of the French state. In 2012, Manuel Valls, then interior minister, refused to sign a deportation order following approval of Abdallah’s last parole application, which would have allowed him to return immediately to his home country, Lebanon.

Georges Abdallah immediately appealed the parole decision, and the appeal will be considered in a non-public hearing on 29 January 2015. This Beirut solidarity rally comes to support the appeal hearing of this Lebanese Communist activist, a struggler for the Palestinian cause.