Palestinian women prisoners have been subject to abuse and mistreatment under arrest and inside Israel’s HaSharon prison, reported Palestinian lawyer Hanan al-Khatib.

Lina Khattab, the Bir Zeit University media student and El-Funoun folkloric dancer whose hearing has been postponed multiple times since her arrest on 13 December, reported that she was abused and beaten by Israeli soldiers during her detention, and one of the soldiers hit her, ripped her clothes and shouted obscene insults at her. Yasmin Shaaban also reported that when she was arrested on 3 November, she was bound for a long time to a stiff chair in stress positions and was threatened with the arrest of her family members in order to coerce a confession. She was denied the right to see a lawyer and was held in a dirty, humid interrogation cell.

Lena Jarbouni, the longest-held woman Palestinian political prisoner, noted that the women are suffering from very cold temperatures inside the prison while the administration has rejected the introduction of winter blankets and warmer clothes from prisoners’ families. Windows in the prison are covered over in leaking and torn plastic into which cold wind frequently enters and most of the prisoners are suffering from back pain and other body aches due to the ongoing and persistent cold temperatures.

Shireen Issawi, Palestinian lawyer from Jerusalem imprisoned since 6 March 2014, reported that Israeli “criminal” (as opposed to Palestinian “security”) prisoners frequently heckle the Palestinian women with support or silence from prison guards.

Denial of medical treatment and medical neglect is an ongoing problem for Palestinian political prisoners. Samaher Suleiman Othman Zein el-Deen reported that she is not receiving proper medical testing or treatment despite the discovery of breast tumors, while Amal Taqatqa complained of ongoing denials of medical care. She only received a wheelchair after her fellow prisoners complained collectively multiple times after they were forced to carry Amal in order to help her move for basic needs.