Khader Adnan, Palestinian political prisoner held without charge or trial under administrative detention, launched a one-week hunger strike on 6 January 2015, scheduled to continue until 13 January 2015, demanding his release from detention and an end to the Israeli policy of imprisoning hundreds of Palestinians without charge or trial.

Adnan said that this strike is meant as a strong message to the Israeli prison administration to end the use of administrative detention, and that he may enter an open-ended hunger strike if there is no action to end the arbitrary imprisonment of Palestinians.

Adnan was previously released from administrative detention in 2012 following a 66-day hunger strike that garnered major international attention, solidarity and support, and highlighted the situation of Palestinians held in administrative detention – imprisoned without charge, without trial, and without any access to the secret evidence beting used against them.

The strike was reported when Adnan’s family received a message for them from other Palestinian political prisoners held in Hadarim prison with Adnan. Adnan has been placed in solitary confinement and is being denied lawyers’ visits in retaliation for his hunger strike.

On 8 July 2014, Adnan was arrested in the mass arrest raids carried out by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank, who arrested nearly 2000 Palestinians in July. He was ordered to administrative detention, and was never charged or tried. This arbitrary administrative detention was renewed on 5 January.

Adnan, the father of five children, is a baker from Arraba near Jenin. He has been imprisoned 10 times, mostly held without charge or trial in administrative detention.