Palestinian girl Malaak al-Khatib, 14, detained for additional week by Israeli forces

Palestinian girl, Malaak Ali al-Khatib, 14, was arrested on 31 December near her school in Bittin village, near Ramallah. Her detention was extended on Monday, 5 January for one week, until Sunday, 11 January, under the pretext of requiring a “conduct report” on the girl before releasing her. The 14-year-old girl is accused of “throwing stones” at Israeli occupation soldiers at the settler bypass road closed to Palestinians near her school. She is one of 23 women and girls and nearly 200 children detained by Israeli occupation forces.

Her father told Wafa News that her family was informed that they may have the possibility to pay a fine of 6000 NIS (approximately $1500 US) to release her. He noted that she was distressed and frightened in court; “after all, she is only 14.”

Around 500-700 Palestinian children are detained and arrested by the Israeli occupation forces each year. If children are charged at all, it is usually with “throwing stones.” Defence for Children International – Palestine has a large number of resources on the mass detention of Palestinian children, who suffer various forms of abuse by Israeli occupation forces.