International Women’s Day with Rasmea Odeh
Sunday, March 8
U.E. Hall
37 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60607
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Celebrate International Women’s Day 2015

Sponsored by Committee to Stop FBI Repression, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the U.S. Palestinian Community Network

March 8, International Women’s Day, born of the struggle of working women, of immigrants, in New York 100 years ago – is a day of celebration and resistance. There can be no more fitting way to mark the occasion than to revisit the past struggles and victories won, in order to continue to build the struggle for women’s liberation.

We’ll have as our special guest Rasmea Odeh. Her courage and strength as she faces ongoing persecution by the U.S. Dept. of Justice has made her a symbol of the resistance by women in Palestine and in the struggles for national liberation all over the world.

Other guests include:
Mariame Kaba, founder of the NIA Project in Chicago, and one of the members of We Charge Genocide, the group that appeared before the UN Committee on Torture to expose the Chicago Police.

Sarah Chambers, a member of the bargaining committee of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) that led the strike in 2012, and co-chair of the Caucus of Rank and File Educators, leaders in CTU.

Kait McIntyre, a leading anti-war activist in Chicago, and a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Plus cultural offerings from Chicago and the Philippines.

International Women’s Day in 2015: the system we live under is waging a war on women. Working class women; African American women and immigrant Latinas dealing with national oppression and racist discrimination; women in the oppressed nations of the world suffering under the wars and occupations of U.S. imperialism: all can take heart on this day. Women’s liberation is part of the bright future, where capitalism is ended and replaced by socialism.

Long Live International Women’s Day!