The family of Malaak al-Khatib, the 14-year-old Palestinian schoolgirl who has been imprisoned since 31 December 2014, reported that she will be released on 13 February.

“Relatives of Malak al-Khatib said they were informed by the International Committee of the Red Cross that she will be released at the Jubara checkpoint near Tulkarem,” reported Ma’an News. She was sentenced to two months imprisonment and a fine of 6000 NIS ($1500 USD).

Malaak’s story has inspired worldwide outrage and solidarity. Palestinian writer and blogger Reham Alhelsi conducted a comprehensive interview with Malaak’s parents, available at her website:

Alhelsi quotes Malaak’s mother, Khawla (Im Yousef): “Im Yousef remembered that day: ‘It was a big shock to all of us when we heard of her detention, and when we went to the interrogation centre that day, we thought she was coming home with us. We thought they would fine her and she would come back home. We said it doesn’t matter, we would borrow the money, or even if needed, we would sell the house we live in, to spare Malak the prison… but we were not able to do anything… in the end they sentenced her to a fine and imprisonment. I wish they had fined her another 5000 NIS, but spared her the prison. We miss her… she should be with her friends in school, she should be studying, a 14 year-old should not be locked up in Hasharon since over a month… where are the child’s rights? Where are the human rights? Where are women’s rights? To imprison a 14 year-old child … it’s a shock, not only for me… this means that tomorrow, they could take any little child they find walking down the street, and claim the child committed an operation… it is not only my daughter who is targeted, and I hope that she is the first and last child prisoner.'” Click here to read the full, extensive interview (with photos of Malaak’s family, drawings and room.)