Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association issued the following report on the denial of the release of Lina Khattab in Ofer military court. Take action, demand release for Lina Khattab!

18 March 2015, occupied Ramallah
Birzeit University student Lina Khattab has been denied release upon serving two-thirds of her  6-month sentence in Ofer Military Court earlier today. Release following the serving of two-thirds of the sentence is based upon a behavior report, the charges, and an Israeli intelligence report. An assessment submitted by the Occupation’s intelligence claims that if released from prison, Lina would pose a risk to the security of the region. The decision cited that her release may give the impression that she may be rewarded  for her actions with an early release from prison. The decision also stated that she showed no remorse for her behavior towards the committee who makes the decision. The decision also cited that her  family is evidently unable to the control her behavior. It should be noted that the information submitted by the Occupation’s intelligence is secret, and neither Lina, nor her legal team, can review the allegations.
Lina Khattab received a 6 month prison sentence on 16 February 2015, in addition to a fine of 6,000 NIS and a 6 month sentence for the 6 years. The military court decision also stated that if Lina participates in any similar offenses for the next 3 years, she will be required to pay a 3,000 NIS fine.
The denial of the appeal is politically motivated, especially as the stated reasons are to use Lina’s sentencing and detention as a deterrence mechanism for young Palestinians from resisting the occupation.
Lina is one of 21 women detained in the occupation’s prisons.