The Hares Boys, five Palestinian teens who have now been imprisoned for over 2 years and one month, who are facing an Israeli military court because of a settler car accident, will be facing court dates in the coming month:

Ali Shamlawi 30 April
Mohammed Kleib 12 May
Ammar Souf, Mohammed Suleiman 20 May
Tamer Souf TBC

The international Campaign to Free the Hares Boys is urging internationals in Palestine who carry foreign passports to attend the military court hearings in Salem. If you are not in Palestine please contact your embassy and ask that they attend on your behalf. You can also inquire if your state – via its foreign representative the embassy – cares about human rights and children’s rights in particular.

The Hares Boys are five Palestinian teens from the West Bank village of Hares. After a settler had a car accident on a settler only road near the village, despite the involved drivers’ own initial statements of other causes, the Israeli occupation forces invaded the village and arrested 19 boys in repeated violent raids on the village, accusing them of throwing stones and causing the accident. There were no witnesses to the car accident and no one has stated that they saw any Palestinian children throwing stones that day. Nonetheless, teen boys, all under 18, were arrested, interrogated, kept in solitary confinement in tiny cells for up to two weeks and denied lawyers.

Now, five of these boys are being charged with 20 counts of “attempted murder,” one for each allegedly thrown stone. There is an international campaign to support these Palestinian teens, facing an Israeli military court and its injustice to Palestinians and having suffered 2 years of imprisonment.