The Abu Ali Mustafa Bloc of the Palestinian Legislative Council, via MP Jamil Majdalawi, issued the following statement in response to the Israeli occupation authorities’ arrest of PLC member and Bloc representative Khalida Jarrar:

This crime committed by the occupation is an attempt to seek revenge for the resilience and victory embodied by our colleague Khalida Jarrar, who rejected the order expelling her to Jericho several months ago, supported widely by the masses of the Palestinian people and all political and social forces, and by the international solidarity movement and civil and human rights organizations in Palestine, the Arab world, and internationally.

The criminal occupier repeatedly resorts to unsuccessful attempts to break the will of the resistance and the steadfastness of our people, their militant leadership and their symbols. Khalida is one of these symbols of steadfastness, and her role is cherished and respected by the Palestinian masses. She is our colleague and our comrade.

Popular and political forces and civil society organizations are committed to work to defend the militant leader Khalida Jarrar and resisting the attack of the occupier as they did when it attempted to expel her. Our people, and the comrades and colleagues of Khalida, will once again impose on the occupation the release of our dear colleague Khalida, to return to the forefront of resisting the occupation and its attacks.

The occupier will learn that the arrest of Khalida Jarrar – like the arrest of the head of the Abu Ali Mustafa bloc, the leader Ahmad Sa’adat, will not stop our contributions to the struggle for the freedom of Palestinian people and Palestinian land. These imprisoned comrades are today shining stars in the sky of Palestine lighting the path for all fighters for freedom, return and liberation.

Freedom to all the strugglers in Israeli jails – Freedom for the struggler Khalida Jarrar

Abu Ali Mustafa Bloc of the Palestinian Legislative Council
MP Jamil Majdalawi

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