Libera Palestina- Uniti per la Palestina Italia has launched a letter and postcard writing campaign, #solidalpost, in support of Khalida Jarrar. The campaign has in the past sent hundreds of letters and postcards to Palestinian political prisoners, particularly Palestinian women prisoners such as Shireen Issawi, Bushra al-Tawil, and Lina Khattab. In response to the imprisonment without charge or trial of Palestinian leftist and feminist leader Khalida Jarrar, they have launched a campaign to write to Khalida. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges people around the world to join the campaign and send letters and postcards to Khalida Jarrar and all Palestinian prisoners.

Please note that Israeli authorities often deny Palestinian prisoners access to the mail; however, your letters will make a real impact in showing the jailers the widespread international solidarity with Khalida Jarrar.

The call follows:


In the last three weeks, for our #solidalpost campaign, many have written postcards to Palestinian women segregated into the G4S HaSharon prison, to break their isolation. Now the Zionist regime has made a further escalation with the arrest of Khalida Jarrar, a parliamentarian! We MUST write our solidarity to Khalida! A letter or, at least, a postcard of admiration and love. In any case they’ll be noticed by Israel the illegal colonialist jailer! and the voice will spread of our massive demonstration of solidarity and approval of the patriotic fight of Khalida Jarrar!

This the letter:

Ms Khalida Jarrar
Palestinian Legislative Council Member
HaSharon Prison
Even Yehuda
P. O. Box 7
40.330 Israel

Dear Khalida Jarrar:

I hope this letter will reach you in your cell in detention. I write in solidarity and love for you and for every Palestinian prisoner – man, woman or child – who has suffered under Israeli oppression and denial of the most fundamental human rights by a colonizing, apartheid state that continues to oppress Palestinians with impunity in unconscionable ways and means.

I salute your political work, your patriotism and your sumoud. I pledge to continue to educate and raise awareness about the injustice meted out to Palestinians with the complicity and active participation of Western powers – and also to continue to protest such outrages as your illegal detention.

From (city, country), I salute you and your comrades.
[name, surname, CAP/ZIP, city, country]

Libera Palestina – United for Palestine Italy