Ahmad Sa’adat, Palestinian leader, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and political prisoner held in Israeli jails, has been transferred to Nafha prison; he has been transferred repeatedly during his imprisonment, the last time to Gilboa prison in early May.

In protest of his transfer, Palestinian prisoners at Gilboa prison rejected their meals for a day. In addition, on 23 June, an Israeli court in Nazareth is considering the petition filed on Sa’adat’s behalf, demanding the exclusion or disclosure of so-called “secret evidence” that has been used to ban Sa’adat from family visits with his wife and children.

Sa’adat announced that he is waiting 45 days for the court’s ruling and disclosure of the secret materials, stating that if this does not happen, Sa’adat will petition the Supreme Court and launch a hunger strike demanding an end to the denial of family visits. Sa’adat has been denied family visits by Israeli military order since 14 September 2014.