June 27, San Jose: From Palestine to the Americas: Colonization & Mass Incarceration

From Palestine to the Americas: Colonization & Mass Incarceration – A People’s Movement Assembly

US Social Forum 2015
San Jose, California

Saturday June 27th 1-4pm
St. Paul’s Sanctuary

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/384309855106613/

Core Participating groups from Portland Oregon: Migrant Collective/Colectiva de Migrantes, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights & Oregon Jericho

Facilitator: TBA Co­Facilitator: TBA
Primary Contact: Oregon Jericho- oregon.jericho@gmail.com

Day, time and room are TBA so please look out for updates very soon!

This PMA will bring together activism around massive deportations, prison industrial complex, displaced communities, border militarization, Palestine solidarity and Political Prisoner amnesty.

From Palestine to the Americas people are experiencing the rise of police and military violence in colonized territories. Colonial occupations by the U.S. and Israel have implemented plans of counterinsurgency and counterintelligence heightened with the growing Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). As a result; millions of people are detained and imprisoned for being undocumented or political activity and Political Prisoners go unrecognized by governments. Private contractors such as GEO group, G4S, and Corrections Corporations of America manipulate the global economy and have many private investments by big banks. Non­government agencies such as ALEC and corporations write racist and imperialist legislation to widen the gap of inequity between undocumented people, the working class and colonized/gentrified people.

Attendees hope to build a regional plan that will hopefully lead to more PMA’s in the future. This group will strategize ways to build an inter