There will be a protest outside the San Francisco Israeli Consulate this Monday, August 10th from 11.15am – 1.30pm in protest of the Israeli imprisonment of Shireen Issawi, Palestinian lawyer imprisoned by Israel for defending human rights.

Further information about Shireen here:

If you would like to learn more about Shireen and her work please click on the short video:

Venue: Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest
456 Montgomery St #2100
San Francisco, CA 94104

If you can’t attend, please phone them on Monday to demand they release Shireen Issawi and all members of the Issawi family.

Tel: (415) 844 7500
Fax: (415) 844 7555

Please bring a sign that says “Free Shireen Issawi” or “Justice for Shireen Issawi” or something similar. For ideas, see here:

We have 201 postcards for people to sign, and return to us so we can mail them to:

  1. President Obama (74 cards)
  2. Zeid Raa’d Al Hussein, High Commissioner for Human rights in Switzerland (52 cards)
  3. Shireen’s family (75 cards)

With enough people, we hope to get all 200 cards signed. Passers-by with enough time may sign all three.

Please do not let people walk off with them or they will never get sent (Postcard stamp to Switzerland or Jerusalem is $1.20).

Postage will be paid by 14 Friends of Palestine, Marin.

People from Marin will be taking the 10.10 am ferry from Larkspur, arriving in SF at 10.45am, followed by a stiff walk up Sacramento Street. Google maps says it will take 12 mins.

Organized by 14 Friends of Palestine. More information: