The Palestinian National Action Committee (Palästinensische Nationale Arbeitskomitee) in Berlin, Germany, organized a protest in front of the headquarters of the German Foreign Office, in support of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, demanding their freedom.

Participants in the event carried posters of Palestinian prisoners, including those who had been on an open hunger strike for 40 days demanding an end to administrative detention in the “Battle of Breaking the Chains,” as well as Palestinian imprisoned leaders like Ahmad Sa’adat, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Marwan Barghouti and Khalida Jarrar, as well as the imprisoned internationalist in French jails, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. They also carried posters for the “Battle of Breaking the Chains” and the imprisoned strugglers Nidal Abu Aker, Ghassan Zawahreh, Shadi Ma’ali, Badr al-Ruzza, Munir Abu Sharar, and others.

One of the participans in the protest said, “The Palestinian prisoners’ movement is a revolutionary core of the Palestinian national movement and the resistance. The Palestinian and Arab communities and institutions in the diaspora, and in Europe in particular, must unite their efforts to support the struggles of prisoners as part of the liberation struggle, in order to achieve the freedom of the Palestinian people and their national rights, and particularly to exercise their right to return and self-determination over all of Palestine.”

BDS Berlin participated in the protest, calling for economic, political and cultural boycott of the Israeli state and of security corporations that are involved in Israeli imprisonment of Palestinians.

The members of the Palestinian National Action Committee also presented a political memo to a representative of the German Foreign Office, calling on the German government to end its silence and put pressure on the Israeli occupation to end administrative detention against Palestinian prisoners, a colonialist, racist law that has been in place since the colonial British mandate in occupied Palestine, and contrary to international law and conventions.

The Committee stated that it intends to continue activities in Berlin in support of the prisoners.