The following statement was issued by the Progressive Palestinian Youth Union and the Progressive Student Action Front in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, urging international action to free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah:

The French state persists in its imprisonment of Arab struggler, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, in its jails for over 30 years, refusing to release him despite a prior decision of French courts to do so.

The Palestinian Progressive Youth Union and the Progressive Student Labor Front consider the continued imprisonment of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah as a disgrace on the French state, revealing the ugly face of imperialism to the world as a permanent partner of Zionism, continuing to commit crimes against the Palestinian people and the people of the region with a full sanction, green light and absolute support from world imperialist powers.

Despite the cruelty and the development of events and conditions inside our occupied homeland, the bleeding wounds of Palestine, this will not prevent us from continuing our support with the imprisoned Arab and internationalist struggler Georges Abdallah, and organizing events and actions to pressure France for his release, as a fighter for freedom and justice and for the liberation of peoples and the end of occupation and oppression. His case is inseparable from the cause of the Palestinian people.

In this context, we, in the Palestinian Progressive Youth Union and the Progressive Student Labor Front, emphasize the following:

1. We are continuing our preparations for solidarity actions with the struggler Georges Abdallah, with the particular goal to change the name of Charles De Gaulle Street in Gaza City, to Georges Abdallah Street, in order to send a message to the French state that the struggler Georges Abdallah is a symbol of Arab and international struggle, who deserves to have his name on the streets and squares of Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip.

2. We emphasize the inherent value of the imprisoned radical revolutionary struggler Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s consistent support for the resistance of our people against the Zionist entity. The struggle against imperialism and Zionism is one and indivisible.

3. We direct our salutes to the international solidarity campaigns to free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Ahmad Sa’adat and Khalida Jarrar, and also to Coup Pour Coup 31, the anti-imperialist collective in France which is playing a leading role in organizing events in France to free Georges Abdallah, as well as the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, and the Handala Center of Prisoners and Released Prisoners, and all of the comrades, solidarity groups, popular organizations and activists around the world who are taking up these campaigns.

4. We reaffirm the unity and cohesion of the struggle against imperialism, including the issue of the imprisoned freedom fighter Georges Abdallah, and the struggle of the Palestinian people against Zionism.

Progressive Student Labor Front

Palestinian Progressive Youth Union

Gaza Strip