Photos: Actions and events around the world demand freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah


Events around the world demanded freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, and all Palestinian prisoners. 24 October 2015 marked the beginning of Abdallah’s 32nd year in French prison; it was also an international day of action for his freedom, with actions in Lannemezan, Lille, New York City, Brussels, Berlin, Milan, Tunis, Beirut, Algiers and Gaza City, as well as Bordeaux, Neuss, Rome, Naples, and Liege.

Abdallah, a Lebanese Arab struggler for Palestine, is held in Lannemezan Prison. Eligible for release since 1999, political pressure and alliances between the United States, Israel and France have seen him remain in prison despite being approved for release on several occasions by French judges.

See Coup Pour Coup 31 (French) for more information about Abdallah, the Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah, or Samidoun’s Georges Abdallah reference page.

Lannemezan, France: A national protest to free Georges Abdallah drew hundreds in France to demand his freedom, bringing the call to the prison where Abdallah is held:

Lille, France: Hundreds marched in support of the Palestinian struggle, led by a giant banner demanding Abdallah’s immediate release:


New York City: Part of the Week of Action to Free Ahmad Sa’adat, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and all Palestinian prisoners, activists protested outside the offices of G4S, the British/Danish security profiteer which profits from the imprisonment of Palestinian prisoners.

Brussels, Belgium: Secours Rouge organized a protest outside the French Consulate in Brussels, demanding freedom for Georges Abdallah:

Berlin, Germany – The Left Solidarity with Palestine and the Democratic Palestine Committees organized a protest outside the French Embassy in Berlin, demanding freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah:

Milano, Italy. Activists protested for freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah at the French consulate, then joining a large mass rally and march for Palestine and for Georges Abdallah’s freedom:

Tunis, Tunisia. The Tunisian Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah protested in Tunis at the French embassy for freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah on 24 October 2015:

Beirut, Lebanon. From the home of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, protest at the French embassy demanding his freedom and his release to Lebanon.

This event came after a protest at the Francophone Book Fair in Biel, in which Lebanese activists interrupted the president of the French senate, demanding freedom for Georges Abdallah. The activists were harshly arrested, raising serious questions about the prioritization of French colonial interests in Lebanon over a Lebanese prisoner who struggled against Zionism and imperialism:

Algiers, Algeria: The Socialist Workers’ Party (Parti Socialiste des Travailleurs) held an event at its office on 24 October, demanding freedom for Georges Abdallah, with the participation of Palestinians from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Gaza City, Palestine: The Progressive Palestinian Youth Union in Gaza City held a symbolic renaming of Charles de Gaulle Street in Gaza City to Georges Abdallah Street, in cooperation with Coup Pour Coup 31 in France:

Bordeaux, France: Protesters for Palestine and for the freedom of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah gathered in the center of the city on 23 October to support Palestine and demand Abdallah’s liberation. A bus from Bordeaux then travelled to Lannemezan on 24 October.


Neuss, Germany: Palestinian community activists and organizers from the Democratic Palestine Committees and a number of Palestinian local community organizations came together to call for freedom for Georges Abdallah:


Naples, Rome and Liege: In Naples and Rome, Italy, Noi Saremo Tutto hung banners to demand Georges Abdallah’s freedom:

In Liege, Belgium, Secours Rouge reported that a banner was hung over the highway N671 demanding freedom for Abdallah: