éirígi calls for the immediate release of Khalida Jarrar


éirígi, the Irish republican socialist party, issued the following statement condemning the imprisonment of Khalida Jarrar, which we reprint below:

The socialist republican party, éirígi, has condemned the sentencing and imprisonment by an Israeli military court of Khalida Jarrar, the well-known Palestinian socialist and feminist parliamentarian. Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, was arrested at her home in April of this year.

Criticising the Israeli action, éirígí’s national chairperson, Brian Leeson, said, “It is obvious that the sentencing and imprisonment on Sunday 6th December of Khalida Jarrar by an Israeli military court is entirely politically motivated.12301566_1085910124754737_6551664002260845420_n

“Khailda Jarrar is widely recognised as one of the key individuals responsible for ensuring Palestinian accession to the International Criminal Court earlier this year. That step has the ground-breaking potential to set in motion the essential legal examination which could ultimately see the Israeli state and individual Israeli political and military figures being tried at The Hague for possible war crimes.

“It is certainly no coincidence that Jarrar was initially arrested within days of Palestine’s formal accession to the ICC.

“That timing of the original arrest in April, along with the charges later put against Khalida Jarrar, reveal the truly vindictive nature of the Israeli military court system in pursuing Jarrar. Her alleged ‘crimes’ include attending a book fair and visiting a released prisoner in his home.”

Leeson continued, “It is clear that the Israeli state and its occupation forces have targeted Khalida Jarrar simply because she has consistently been one of the most effective and articulate advocates for the human, civil and political rights of the Palestinian people.

“She is a former director of Addameer, a Palestinian human rights group, and is still a vice-chair of the group. Jarrar is one of 5,700 Palestinian political prisoners currently in Israeli jails, 18 of whom are elected representatives.”

Leeson concluded by saying, “As a party, éirígí has no hesitation in condemning Israel’s action against Khalida Jarrar.

“We also add our voices to the international campaign calling for the immediate release of Khalida Jarrar and all other Palestinian political prisoners.

“We believe that there are many people across Ireland who will add their voices to that campaign aimed at securing her freedom, and freedom for the Palestinian people.”