Video: Samidoun organizers on Palestinian prisoners, activism in Belgium and Europe (Arabic)


Al-Quds TV, based in Lebanon, has been producing a series of programs, “Echoes of the Intifada,” highlighting Palestinian diaspora community and solidarity organizing in countries around the world. Countries covered include Greece, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa, Cyprus, Ukraine, Czech Republic and more. Each episode includes interviews of 3-5 activists discussing events, mobilization and particular issues of concern.

On 25 December, Charlotte Kates, international coordinator of Samidoun, and Mohammed Khatib, of Samidoun Europe, participated in the program featuring organizing in Belgium. Asmaa Seba, artist and activist, and Azmi Abu Khater also participated in Part 2 of the program. (Please note that there are some minor translation issues.) Among other issues, Kates and Khatib discussed the case of Omar Nayef Zayed, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and other strugglers for Palestine in Europe facing persecution.

View part 1 below (with Mohammed Khatib and Charlotte Kates):

Part 2 (with Asmaa Seba and Azmi Abu Khater):

Other episodes that may be of interest include Canada (with Issam Yamani, Nadia Shoufani, Hammam Farah and Monira Kitmitto):

and Greece (featuring Sana Kassem and Ibrahim Al-Abadleh):

The full archive of programs is available at Al Quds TV’s youtube archive.