Break the silence on Al-Qeeq and Palestine, London protesters tell BBC


London activists protested outside BBC headquarters on Friday, 29 January, denouncing the network’s silence on the hunger strike of Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, imprisoned without charge or trial under administrative detention in Israeli jails. Al-Qeeq, on his 67th day of hunger strike, is in critical condition, has lost over 30 kilos and faces a severe threat to his life. He is held in HaEmek hospital, where he is shackled hand and foot to his hospital bed.

The protest, organized by Inminds, demanded the release of al-Qeeq and his fellow Palestinian prisoners. Al-Qeeq, who has been denied access to an independent physician, is striking for his freedom. He is held without charge or trial, and was interrogated for over 15 hours a day, shackled to a chair in stress positions. He began his hunger strike to protest his torture under interrogation, and continued the strike to demand his freedom from administrative detention without charge or trial. An Israeli military court ordered him to six months (indefinitely renewable) imprisonment under an administrative detention order on 24 December. Al-Qeeq is one of 660 administrative detainees, among 6800 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

As Al-Qeeq’s medical situation becomes more urgent, protests are growing around the world to demand his freedom. On Friday, in addition to the London protest, demonstrations for Al-Qeeq’s freedom took place in New York City, Berlin, and towns and cities throughout Palestine.


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