New York City protest demands #FreeAhmadManasrah, end to G4S abuses against Palestinians


Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network organized a protest on 8 January in New York City outside the offices of British-Danish security corporation G4S, which provides control rooms and security equipment to Israeli prisons, checkpoints and police training centers. Samidoun is part of an international movement demanding that G4S end its complicity in the torture and occupation of Palestinians and that the United Nations and other institutions stop doing business with this human rights abusing corporation.

Press TV visited the demonstration as part of its coverage of the repressive actions against New Jersey student Bethany Koval by her high school administration to interview demonstrators:

This week’s protest focused on the campaign to #FreeAhmadManasrah. Manasrah, 13, is a child prisoner whose videotaped abusive interrogation and ramming by Israeli police was seen around the world. There is a growing international campaign for his release and for the release of all child prisoners in Israeli jails. As reports indicate that the majority of Palestinians arrested in 2015 in East Jerusalem are minors, the imprisonment of Palestinian children and their trials before military courts that convict 99.74% of Palestinians who come before them is a pressing issue of concern.

The international campaign has included weekly social media protests as well as protests and letters to international agencies urging their action.

Photos by Baa Parra and DocR0cket. See also Jesse Rubin’s report on the protest here: