12 February, USA: Call in and social media day to free Simon Trinidad

trinidadFriday, February 12: Call in day to free Colombian political prisoner Simon Trinidad from US jails

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The peace process between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the Colombian government is moving forward and taking place in Havana, Cuba. Recently, President Obama thanked Havana for hosting the peace talks and declared that the US supports the “ implementation of the Colombian accord on the victims of the conflict, justice, and restitution of the lands” This means that the US supports the points where the FARC-EP and the Colombian government came to an agreement. FARC-EP representative Marc Leon called the agreement “nearly irreversible.” Yet President Obama refuses to acknowledge or act on the FARC-EP’s request to have Simon Trinidad, political prisoner & FARC-EP negotiator, present at the bargaining table. We need to demand his release so that the peace process may move forward. This Valentine’s Day we need to express our passion for peace and love for Simon Trinidad and all progressive Colombians by calling for the immediate release of Simon Trinidad so that he may fulfill his role in the negotiations.

Call President Obama at (202) 456-1111

Say: “I want Peace for Colombia and to ask President Obama to free Simon Trinidad for Valentine’s Day! Trinidad belongs at the peace talks, not in solitary confinement at the Florence Colorado Supermax prison. Peace and love for all progressive people in Colombia!”