London protest demands justice for killing of Omar Nayef Zayed, freedom of Palestinian prisoners


Inminds organized a protest in London outside the headquarters of security corporation G4S, part of its ongoing campaign to support Palestinian prisoners. The demonstration, held on Friday, 26 February, was organized in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, 33, who won his freedom following 94 days of hunger strike, ending his strike on Friday. In addition, protesters called for justice and accountability for Omar Nayef Zayed, former Palestinian prisoner killed in the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Protesters projected large images of Nayef Zayed, and calls for boycott of G4S and Israel, on the external wall of the G4S building.

“Inminds Palestinian Prisoners Campaign today mourns the loss of Omar Zayed, a martyr in the struggle for freedom for Palestine. It is only through the courage and sacrifice of individuals that freedom for the nation and the people will be achieved. We demand justice for Omar Zayed, that his murderers and their accomplices be hunted down and brought to justice,” said organizers.

Photos (by Inminds):