Milan protest denounces killing of Omar Nayef Zayed, calls for freedom of Palestinian prisoners


Protesters in Milan, Italy on Saturday, 27 February called for justice and accountability in the death of former Palestinian prisoner Omar Nayef Zayed in the Palestinian Embassy in Bulgaria on Friday morning, 26 February. Nayef Zayed’s family and Palestinian factions have denounced the killing as an assassination and are demanding justice, action and accountability.

Nayef Zayed, 52, had taken refuge in the embassy after the Israeli state demanded his extradition from Bulgaria, where he has lived for 22 years with his Bulgarian wife and three Bulgarian children after escaping Israeli occupation prisons in 1990.

Protests have taken place throughout Palestine denouncing the killing as an assassination by the Israeli Mossad, and also demanding accountability from the Palestinian Authority for failing to protect Nayef Zayed in the embassy.

The protest in Milan, called by Fronte Palestina, was also a celebration of the end of the hunger strike of Mohammed al-Qeeq, the imprisoned Palestinian journalist who secured his freedom from Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial with a 94-day hunger strike.