Take Action: Urge the US Congress to demand that Israel free Mohammed al-Qeeq


If you are a citizen or resident of the United States, please urge your members of the Senate and House of Representatives to demand that Israel free Mohammed al-Qeeq immediately.

As a body that allocates billions of dollars in economic and military aid to Israel, Congress shares responsibility for Israel’s crimes against Palestinians, including its torture and detention of political prisoners.

Al-Qeeq, a Palestinian journalist, has been on a continuous hunger strike since November 25 to protest his torture and “administrative detention” – indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial – by Israel.

Al-Qeeq has rejected an Israeli Supreme Court decision to “suspend” his administrative detention – until he recovers enough to leave the hospital – instead demanding his immediate freedom.

The Israeli military prosecution continues to deny him family visits, even as his attorneys and independent physicians warn that he is in danger of death at any moment and unlikely to fully recover.

Al-Qeeq is one of 6,900 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, including 650 administrative detainees and 18 journalists. Nearly all are tortured during interrogations by Israeli forces.

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