Palestinians in Austria and Germany honor Omar Nayef Zayed


Palestinians living in Austria and Germany honored Omar Nayef Zayed, whose life was taken on 26 February inside the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria. The former Palestinian prisoner, who had lived in Bulgaria for the past 22 years after escaping Israeli imprisonment in 1990, had taken refuge in the embassy after he was sought for extradition to the Israeli occupation by Bulgarian security agencies.

After 70 days in the embassy, his life was taken in the morning hours of 26 February. Palestinians inside and outside Palestine, as well as solidarity activists, are demanding justice and accountability for the killing of Omar Nayef Zayed, and holding memorials to remember his life and his commitment to the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

In Berlin, Germany, the Democratic Palestine Committees held a memorial meeting for Nayef Zayed on 28 February, followed by a protest outside the Bulgarian embassy denouncing Israeli assassinations and Bulgarian silence on 29 February.



And in Vienna, Austria, Palestinians organized a memorial meeting on 5 March, remembering the life and struggle of Nayef Zayed and demanding justice for his death.