Hunger strikes against administrative detention and isolation continue


Several Palestinian prisoners are continuing their hunger strikes against administrative detention, denial of family visits and isolation. All are being held in solitary confinement – not in hospitals – and are experiencing significant weight loss, pains and health impacts.

In particular, Sami Janazrah has been on hunger strike for 48 days, since 3 March 2016. Held under Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial, he is held in isolation in the Negev desert prison, Ketziot. He is demanding an end to his detention without charge or trial and has been imprisoned since 15 November 2015.

Adib Mafarjah and Fuad Assi have been on hunger strike against their administrative detention without charge or trial for 16 days, since 4 April 2016. Mafarjah is held in isolation in Ela prison, while Assi is also held in isolation in Ketziot. All of their electrical appliances have been confiscated and they are denied family visits; they are consuming only water.

In addition, the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that Mahmoud Abdelaziz Suweita, 40, from Beit Awwa near al-Khalil has been on hunger strike for 8 days in protest of the denial of family visits. He refused treatment or examination at Soroka hospital, according to his lawyer. His wife also reported that she and their oldest son, Mutasim, 18, have been denied permission to visit Suweita on the grounds of “security.”

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society also reported that Mansour Moqtada has launched a partial hunger strike for 7 days in protest of the medical negligence and mistreatment he expereiences. He is permanently held in the Ramle prison clinic and is coonducting a partial hunger strike due to his health situation; he is consuming liquids and essential medicines. Moqtada, 47, from Salfit, has one of the most difficult health situations in Israeli jails; he has an artificial stomach and intestines and uses a wheelchair due to severe injuries inflicted by Israeli soldiers.

Saleh Khawaja is also continuing his hunger strike in protest of isolation and solitary confinement, reported Quds News.