Palestinian prisoner launches hunger strike against torture

hungerdignityPalestinian prisoner Malik Qadi, 19, from Bethlehem, announced an open hunger strike on Thursday, 26 May, in protest of his arrest by occupation forces and his torture under interrogation.

Palestinian lawyer Jacqueline Farajeh met with Qadi in Etzion prison, saying that Qadi had been on hunger strike for three days; he was re-arrested on 23 May shortly after his release from four months in administrative detention without charge or trial. Farajeh reported that Qadi had been arrested by five military jeeps raiding his home; he was held on the floor of a jeep handcuffed for over an hour, and was beaten by soldiers after his arrest. Farajeh noted that Qadi’s left hand and legs were clearly bruised and swollen, noting that he had been beaten during his previous arrest, leaving him with chest injuries that persist to this day.