24 June, USA: Call the White House to demand Israel free Bilal Kayed


Between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST on June 24, ten days after Bilal Kayed went on hunger strike, call the White House to demand his immediate release: 001-202-456-1111

After calling, post here about the White House operator’s response.

Bilal Kayed, one of 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, had been scheduled for years to be released on June 13, the end of a 14 1/2-year sentence by an Israeli military court in the occupied West Bank.

Instead, on the morning his family and friends planned to welcome him home, he was given an administrative detention order, a decree by an Israeli military commander sentencing him to six more months’ imprisonment, without charge or trial and subject to indefinite renewal.

Now one of 715 Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli prisons, Bilal started a hunger strike on June 14 to demand his freedom.

On June 24, as hundreds of other Palestinian prisoners join a two-day hunger strike supporting Bilal and protests for his release are held throughout Palestine and the world, call the White House to ask that President Barack Obama take immediate action for Bilal’s freedom.

As Israel’s biggest economic and political supporter, the Obama administration shares responsibility for its crimes against Palestinians, including its administrative detention of Bilal.

Tell the White House:

  • Bilal Kayed, a Palestinian political prisoner, has been on hunger strike since June 14 to protest his administrative detention without charge or trial by Israel, after a 14 1/2 year sentence by an Israeli military court.
  • The United States must demand Bilai’s immediate release and end all support for Israel’s political imprisonment and other crimes against Palestinians.
  • Israel’s use of administrative detention is a universally-recognized violations of human rights and international law.
  • US aid to Israel breaks the Leahy Law, which bars assistance to military units known to violate human rights with impunity.
  • The billions of dollars sent to Israel by the US could be better spent on pressing needs within the country. (Mention any domestic priorities, like health care, job creation or schools, that are particularly important to you.)