14 July, Haifa: Freedom for Bilal Kayed Protest

Thursday, 14 July
7:30 pm
Al-Aseer Square
Haifa, Palestine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/143311696093279/

bilalhaifaIn support of the hunger strike waged by imprisoned Palestinian struggler Bilal Kayed, the national forces in Haifa (Abnaa al-Balad Movement, the Communist Party, Hadash/Jabha, and Herak Haifa) call for wide participation in a vigil organized in Al-Aseer Square.

The imprisoned struggler Bilal Kayed was ordered to administrative detention for six months on the day that he was expected to be freed after 14.5 years in prison, on 13 June, violating all red lines in dealing with the imprisoned strugglers in Israeli jails. Over 14 years of imprisonment and 9 months of isolation have failed to break the will of this struggler. In the face of this injustice, he is on hunger strike, supported by his imprisoned comrades, where they have announced that they will not end their protest except through the freedom of Bilal. We gather on Thursday to support the prisoners and demand freedom for Bilal Kayed.