6 September, The Hague: Netanyahu Not Welcome!


Tuesday, 6 September
4:00 pm
Den Haag Centraal Station
Den Haag, the Netherlands
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1190663640975920/

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges all to participate in this important protest!

Prosecute war criminal Netanyahu, boycott Israeli Apartheid!

On Tuesday 6th of September Benjamin Netanyahu will be visiting the House of Representatives in The Hague. This visit will mark the Dutch Parliament with the blood on the Israeli Prime Minister’s hands. Netanyahu was the Prime Minister of Israel when more than 2300 Palestinians, among which 500 children, were killed during the mass murder “Operation Protective Edge” in Gaza 2014. We believe that the only place in the Hague in which Netanyahu belongs is the International Criminal Court. We have not forgotten about the Palestinian martyrs. We demand prosecution of war criminal Netanyahu.

Although we push the Dutch government to immediately prosecute Netanyahu, we are not naive. The Netherlands is an important contributor to the Israeli Apartheid regime. Prime Minister Mark Rutte would be happy to shake Netanyahu’s bloody hands. It is our job however, as citizens of the Netherlands to prevent the Israeli Prime Minister from using his visit to promote the illegal Israeli occupation. It is of great importance to show through mass demonstration that we have not forgotten about Netanyahu’s war crimes. Therefore we will demonstrate to show our mass support for the Palestinian liberation.

The only way in which Palestinians can liberate themselves is by taking action. The most crucial (non-violent) weapon that we possess in the Netherlands is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The BDS movement played a prominent role in the fall of South African Apartheid and could have the same effect on the Israeli Apartheid. In order to contribute to the development of the BDS movement it is of great importance to join together on the streets in large numbers. We demonstrate for the prosecution of Netanyahu, for the boycott of Israel and for the liberation of Palestine. Take action and join us on Tuesday 6th September!

P.S. Sign and share the petition against Netanyahu’s visit:http://www.docp.nl/netanyahunee/